X Hall of Flame – The Rise of Irene Zhao, the Queen of Simp DAOs

The Journey of Irene Zhao, a Crypto Twitter Influencer

Irene Zhao, the mastermind behind the SO-COL platform and a Crypto Twitter influencer, believes that having a celebrity in your corner can significantly boost your NFT collection. Her first Simp DAO and NFT collection, IreneDAO, started with a low floor price. However, everything changed for Zhao when controversial YouTube star Logan Paul invested a quarter of a million dollars in her NFTs. Overnight, the floor price skyrocketed, and Zhao experienced unprecedented success.

Paul came across the project after billionaire crypto investor Mike Novogratz mentioned it on Twitter, which sparked a friendship between Paul and Zhao. Despite never having met in person due to conflicting schedules, they regularly discuss NFTs and support each other’s work.

Zhao’s success as a crypto influencer extends beyond her connection with celebrities. With 194,300 Twitter followers, she runs her own Web3 NFT platform company called SO-COL and is a sought-after speaker at crypto conferences.

The Journey to Twitter Fame

Zhao first gained a following as a social media influencer in the Web2 space and leveraged her platform to introduce her followers to NFTs. With around half a million followers across various social media platforms, Zhao’s goal was to have more control over her content and community. By setting up Simp DAOs, she allowed NFT purchasers to join her Irene DAO fan club and engage directly with her.

While Zhao is recognized and admired in Asia, she humorously acknowledges that she can fly under the radar in the Western world, where people often have difficulty distinguishing Asian individuals from one another.

Content and Humor in the Crypto Community

Unlike many crypto influencers focused on technical or trading discussions, Zhao finds humor and entertainment in the crypto world. She enjoys the world of memes and shitposting, finding it both funny and engaging. According to Zhao, creating crypto memes requires a deeper understanding of the market and audience, making it a rare talent.

Beyond memes, Zhao believes that real-world assets will gain traction in the next year, alongside the continued growth of NFTs. She predicts that NFTs for creators will become increasingly popular as more Web2 creators transition to the NFT space.

The Nasty Beef with Lady of Crypto

In December 2021, Zhao engaged in a public beef with fellow crypto influencer Lady of Crypto. The feud began when Zhao playfully criticized Lady of Crypto for stating the obvious in a tweet. In response, Lady of Crypto made derogatory comments about Zhao’s English skills. However, Zhao didn’t take it personally and instead found the situation amusing. She also recognized that the feud generated significant attention, accumulating around 4 million impressions.

Predictions for the Future

Zhao’s predictions align with common sentiment in the crypto community. She anticipates that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 and believes that real-world assets will gain prominence in the coming year. Zhao also believes there is still room for growth in the NFT space, especially as more celebrities and Web2 creators embrace NFTs.

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