Understanding Generative Art: Explained by William Mapan in Simple Terms

Generative artist William Mapan has managed to sell out his latest collection, “Distance,” within just 24 hours, despite the NFT market being weak at the time. With popular series like “Dragons” and “Anticyclone” under his belt, Mapan has a knack for captivating collectors with his unique approach to generative art. However, many people still struggle to comprehend the concept of generative art. To help demystify the genre, Mapan simplifies it using a piece of paper, a crayon, and a dice.

“To explain generative art, forget about the code and the blockchain for a moment. Just imagine a piece of paper, a crayon, and a dice. Draw four 2×2 boxes on the paper. Now, roll the dice. If it lands on three or below, draw a square in one of the boxes. If it lands on four or above, draw a circle. Congratulations, you’ve created an algorithm! Generative art is all about creating a set of rules, introducing randomness, and then trying to control the outcome within that space.”

With this simple grid and a few shapes, a wide range of different outputs can be obtained by varying the parameters. By expanding the grid and introducing more shapes and rules, artists can create countless possibilities.

The Fine Line Technique

Mapan’s work stands out by giving the impression that it’s both physically and digitally created, a technique known for engaging artists like Tyler Hobbs and Emily Xiu. He aims to ignite the viewer’s senses, feelings, and memories. His art is designed to spark curiosity and trigger emotions by reminding viewers of specific landscapes or experiences. According to Mapan, “I like to activate senses, feelings, and memories.”

Notable Sales

Mapan has achieved remarkable success with his art. Notable sales include:

  • “Anticyclone #470” sold for 182 ETH ($229,856)
  • “Anticyclone #743” sold for 37 ETH ($50,430)
  • “Strands of Solitude #253” sold for 16 ETH ($26,321)

Rapid-fire Q&A

During a rapid-fire Q&A session, Mapan shared insights into his artistic influences and personal preferences:

  • When asked about up-and-coming artists, Mapan recommended Anna Lucia.
  • He draws inspiration from the abstract expressionism movement and artists pushing boundaries in modern art.
  • Mapan appreciates collectors who engage with his work, in particular, a collector known as AC.
  • His favorite NFT, apart from his own, is “Horizon(te)s #5,” a collaboration by Iskra Velitchkova and Zach Lieberman.
  • Mapan listens to Kendrick Lamar and Sofiane Pamart while creating art, switching between classical music and hip hop depending on the desired mood and energy.

What’s Hot in NFT Art Markets

Mapan’s recent collaboration with Cactoid Labs and LACMA, titled “Distance,” quickly sold out its 250-piece collection. Since its initial sale, the collection has seen significant secondary market activity, with sales volume reaching close to 185 ETH. Here are some other notable digital art sales:

  • “Ringers #343” by Dmitri Cherniak sold for 39.99 ETH ($65,395)
  • “Door VII” by Matt Kane sold for 22.5 ETH ($36,787)
  • “Chromie Squiggle #1606” by Snowfro sold for 20 ETH ($32,877)

Cool Cats Takes Center Stage at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City will feature Cool Cats as the first-ever NFT collection. The parade held a contest featuring various NFT collections, and Cool Cats emerged as the winner. A massive Blue Cat balloon will join the parade, marking a significant milestone for the NFT community.

Clon, the lead artist and founder of Cool Cats, expressed his excitement by saying, “Being able to showcase my artwork alongside some of the world’s most recognizable characters is a dream come true.”

Nouns DAO Fork Finalizes

After a rollercoaster ride, the Nouns DAO fork concluded with 472 NFT holders opting for the fork out of a total of 844 holders. Those who chose the fork will have the opportunity to get approximately 35 ETH refunded to them. Those who didn’t opt for the fork will continue with the original DAO structure, where one Noun per day is auctioned to fund the Treasury.

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Editor’s Notes

Generative art is a fascinating genre that continues to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike. William Mapan offers a straightforward explanation of how generative art works, making it more accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the concept. His success in the NFT market highlights the growing popularity of this innovative art form.

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