Web3 game Gods Unchained Introduces ‘Sealed Mode’ to Replicate the Experience of Paper Card Games

Gods Unchained, a Web3 game, has launched a new gameplay format known as “Sealed Mode.” This mode allows players to compete with a set of semi-random cards they receive at the beginning of a tournament. The purpose of Sealed Mode is to reward skilled players, regardless of the size or cost of their card collection. The announcement of this new format was made through a blog post on September 13.

“Sealed deck” tournaments are quite common in paper collectible trading card games like Magic: The Gathering. However, they are relatively rare in digital trading card games. Gods Unchained aims to change that by bringing the excitement of sealed deck tournaments to the digital realm.

The Mechanics of Sealed Mode

In order to participate in Sealed Mode, players are required to pay an entry fee of 15 Gods Unchained (GODS) tokens, which is equivalent to approximately $2.65 at the time of publication. Once the entry fee is paid, players receive a random selection of three gods that they can choose to build their deck around. Additionally, they receive 60 random cards drawn from various Gods Unchained card sets, including Etherbots, Mortal Judgement, Winter Wanderlands, and others.

While the card selection is semi-random, the pool of cards includes a minimum number of specific types to ensure that players can build a viable deck. For example, each pool consists of at least 12 cards that cost 3 mana or less.

Deck Building and Gameplay

From the pool of 60 cards, players must construct a minimum 30-card deck, exclusively using the cards provided. They are not allowed to use cards from their personal collection. Once the decks are built, players compete against each other until they either lose three matches or win seven. Better-performing players receive greater rewards at the end of the tournament compared to those with worse records. Sealed Mode also offers exclusive cosmetic rewards that can only be obtained by players who win four matches or more.

Bringing the Sealed Format to the Digital World

Gods Unchained has introduced Sealed Mode to replicate the experience of “sealed deck” or “draft” tournaments in traditional face-to-face card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and Magic: The Gathering. Players of these games often enjoy the thrill of collecting cards through sealed formats. However, digital card games rarely allow players to “own” their cards in the same tangible sense. Gods Unchained changes that by representing each card as a non-fungible token stored on the Immutable X network, a layer-2 of Ethereum.

About Gods Unchained and Immutable

Gods Unchained was one of the pioneering Web3 video games developed by Immutable. In addition to the Sealed Mode, Immutable has been working on various innovations within the gaming industry. In May, they announced the development of a wallet application called “Passport,” which allows gamers to log in without the need for seed words. Furthermore, Immutable released its zkEVM testnet on August 15, claiming that it will help scale Ethereum for video game players.

With Sealed Mode, Gods Unchained brings an exciting and competitive gameplay format to the digital trading card game world. Players can now experience the thrill of sealed deck tournaments, showcasing their skills and strategy with semi-random card selections. Sealed Mode rewards players based on their performance, leveling the playing field and creating an engaging experience for all participants.

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