Sushi Taps into ZetaChain for Native Bitcoin Swaps and Opyn DeFi Protocol Founders’ Transition in Response to CFTC Pressure: Finance Redefined

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Traditional Web2 Flaws Contribute to 46% of Crypto Exploits: Immunefi Report

An Immunefi report has found that almost half of the crypto lost due to Web3 exploits is a result of Web2 security issues like leaked private keys. In its study released on Nov. 15, the report categorized crypto exploits in 2022, concluding that 46.48% of the lost crypto was due to “infrastructure weaknesses,” not smart contract flaws.

  • 46.48% of lost crypto attributed to infrastructure weaknesses
  • 26.56% of crypto lost from Web2 vulnerabilities

Sushi Partners with ZetaChain for Native Bitcoin Swaps

Sushi, a DeFi platform, has teamed up with ZetaChain to delve into the potential for native Bitcoin swaps across 30 diverse blockchain networks.

Opyn DeFi Protocol Founders Transitioning Away from Crypto Post CFTC Crackdown

Zubin Koticha and Alexis Gauba, founders of the Opyn DeFi protocol, are stepping down from the project and plan to exit the crypto space, following a statement from Koticha on Nov. 14.

Layer-2 Networks Reach $13 Billion TVL Amid Remaining Challenges

Ethereum layer-2 networks have hit a milestone, surpassing $13 billion total value locked (TVL) within their contracts. However, challenges, particularly in user experience and security, continue to persist.

DeFi Market Overview

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView reveals a positive week for DeFi’s top 100 tokens by market capitalization, with most tokens exhibiting gains on the weekly charts. The total value locked into DeFi protocols has remained above $50 billion.

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