Spot ETF Optimism Boosts Bitcoin to $37K | Shiba Memu Spot ETF optimism boosts Bitcoin to $37K while Shiba Memu presale buying interest grows

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A potential spot **Bitcoin** ETF has raised optimism in crypto markets.

**Shiba Memu** has crossed the $4.4 million barrier in presale.

**Shiba Memu** could experience high speculation after the token is listed.

A renewed hope is creeping into crypto markets. Bitcoin tapped $37,000 on Thursday, its highest since May 2022, as investors placed bets on potential spot ETF. Meanwhile, the sentiment has boosted the rest of the sector, as most cryptos remained green. The sentiment is positive for upcoming digital assets like **Shiba Memu** (SHMU). 50 days before the presale closes, investors have bought over $4.446 million worth of the tokens.

Spot Bitcoin ETF increasing interest in risky assets

The prospect of the first spot **Bitcoin** ETF is seen as the primary driver of growing interest in digital assets. Optimism increased after reports the SEC had opened discussions with Grayscale for its spot ETF application. The development comes after Grayscale won a case ruling against the regulator over its spot product filing. 

Analysts are expecting a potential ETF approval will boost **Bitcoin** price. So far, market indicators suggest that a higher **Bitcoin** price is on the horizon. **Bitcoin**’s one-month call-put skew has risen above 10%. The level is the strongest bullish bias for the asset since April 2021. The metric measures call option prices in relation to puts expiring in a month. Calls outpacing puts is interpreted as a bullish bias.

The strengths of **Bitcoin** are positive for crypto as the asset sets the mood for the sector. As such, new projects like **Shiba Memu** are likely to generate more interest, boosting the post-listing prices.

**Shiba Memu** capitalizes on meme interest

Meme cryptocurrencies are an exciting asset class. Although they often lag major cryptos when a bullish market sets in, their movement can be parabolic. This has seen investors buy the meme tokens in anticipation of these market moves for quick and high returns.

**Shiba Memu** seeks to capitalize on the trends in meme assets to generate high ROI for investors. However, unlike its peers, which experience frequent pumps and dumps, **Shiba Memu** seeks sustainability. 

As such, **Shiba Memu** taps into the rapidly growing world of AI. The project relies on AI to self-market itself and become powerful. For instance, the AI can scan the web to find creative ideas and write its own marketing copy. In the future, **Shiba Memu** will become more intelligent and powerful to deliver high ROI to investors.

**Shiba Memu** is a socially engaging meme project

One of the exciting aspects of memes is their ability to captivate the minds of their enthusiasts. Terms like the “Doge army” and “Shiba army” are common among enthusiastic meme communities. That’s because memes are mostly social projects and derive value from engagements and social chatter.

But unlike its predecessors, **Shiba Memu** takes the engagement game a notch higher. The project features an AI dashboard where users can hold meaningful discussions with the AI. They can query the AI about the latest in marketing strategies. They can also give suggestions on how to improve the project. The engagement ensures **Shiba Memu** dominates using social metrics, helping its value to grow.

Is **Shiba Memu** a good investment?

**Shiba Memu**’s strong presale shows interest in the project is very high. The potential pst-listing gains are expected to be huge due to high speculations. Similarly, analysts have lauded the token as a potential 10x investment, given the investors’ interest.

**Shiba Memu** also features a very attractive presale. The token’s price rises daily at 6 PM GMT, delivering persistent returns to early birds. For example, while the token launched at $0.011125 price, it is now $0.039700. More gains are expected to increase during the remaining 50 days of the presale. 

Also, there are other noteworthy methods to generate passive income with **Shiba Memu**. These include a staking program. Investors earn yields from their staked tokens. This makes **Shiba Memu** a potentially viable investment for 2023 and beyond. 

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