Solana Network Achieves Perfect Uptime in Q2, Boosting Reliability and Performance


In an impressive improvement from its past performance, the Solana Network achieved 100% uptime during Q2 2023, as revealed in the Solana Foundation’s Network Performance Report. This accomplishment reflects the enhancements made to Solana’s network infrastructure and performance in the first half of the year. The network, managed by a global group of validators, has shown improvements in various performance metrics, including non-voting-to-voting transactions, block production time, and transactions per second.

Focus on Decentralization

Solana’s Executive Director, Dan Albert, emphasizes that the network’s performance is only one part of the story. The underlying decentralization of the network is equally important. Albert states, “The first half of 2023 presented a number of challenges for the network, but the network performed very well and more advancements in the ecosystem are on the way that will further distinguish Solana as the leading decentralized smart contract blockchain.”

Metrics for Decentralization and Vitality

Solana measures its network’s decentralization and vitality using four key metrics: block-producing validators, RPC nodes, the Nakamoto Coefficient, and active open-source developers. The Foundation’s report showcases positive figures for all these metrics, indicating a strong and vibrant network.

Innovation with State Compression

On the innovation front, Solana has introduced state compression, a technique that allows data to be stored directly on-chain. This advancement has significantly reduced costs, such as the cost of minting 100 million NFTs, which now only requires 50 SOL. This innovation opens up new possibilities for scalability and cost-efficiency on the Solana Network.

Improvements for Network Stability

Following an outage on February 25, Solana made significant strides to improve its network’s software upgrade process. The network incorporated additional external developers and auditors into the release process and enhanced server restart procedures. These steps resulted in full uptime since the intervention, and the successful transition of network version 1.14 to the mainnet.

Upcoming Enhancements

In Q3, Solana plans to introduce Solana Improvement Documents-33, Timely Vote Credits, to the network. This improvement is aimed at reducing block finalization times and discouraging intentionally delayed voting, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the network.

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