Matt Kane: Pioneering Generative Artist and NFT Creator

Matt Kane: A Traditional Artist Embraces the Digital Age

Matt Kane is an artist who has found his calling in the digital art world. With a background in traditional art and a passion for pushing boundaries, Kane made the transition to digital art by writing his own software. This allowed him to explore artistic possibilities that were previously impossible in the physical art world.

One of Kane’s most well-known collections is “Gazers,” which was launched in December 2021. Considered a pioneer among generative artists, Kane’s collection explores the concept of identity through art. His latest collection, “Anons,” focuses on immortalizing true anonymous individuals from the past.

Prior to embracing digital art, Kane worked as a software developer while experimenting with different artistic mediums, including traditional canvas. However, he soon realized that the physical limitations of traditional art were hindering his vision. This realization led him to learn how to code and explore the world of digital art.

According to Kane, the medium of art is not what matters most; it’s the vision behind the artwork. By using code, Kane was able to circumvent the physical limitations of traditional art and bring his unique vision to life.

Lost in Code: Dealing with Personal Tragedy

Kane’s journey as a digital artist has not been without challenges. In 2013, he experienced a personal tragedy when a close friend committed suicide. The loss left Kane devastated and struggling with his own mental health.

During this difficult time, Kane found solace in coding. Immersing himself in the world of math and technology became a therapeutic escape from his emotional pain. He saw coding as a way to distract his mind and express himself in a safe and controlled manner.

This tragic event also had a profound impact on Kane’s artistic path. He believes that if he hadn’t experienced this loss, he may have never fully committed himself to digital art. While he has found success as an artist, he would trade it all to have his friend back.

Personal Style: Marking Time with Color

Kane’s artwork is characterized by his meticulous use of color and his ability to capture a sense of history and time. Through his art, he aims to create a visual representation of the passage of time.

According to Kane, his artwork is not about conveying specific emotions, but rather about creating a space for individual interpretation. He believes that viewers bring their own experiences and emotions to the artwork, resulting in a unique and personal connection.

Gazers: Drawing Inspiration from Cavemen

Kane’s “Gazers” collection is inspired by cavemen and the way they recorded lunar calendars on antler bones. The collection serves as a symbolic lunar calendar for the blockchain, with the moon as its centerpiece.

The artwork in the “Gazers” collection changes over time, reflecting the phases of the moon. This dynamic element, coupled with the use of color theory, creates a captivating and ever-evolving visual experience for viewers.

Kane sees “Gazers” as a project that merges humanity’s ancient fascination with the moon with the technological advancements of the blockchain. It represents a collective celebration of our changing perceptions, our goals in the crypto world, and our love for color theory, astronomy, and generative art.

Notable Sales and Recognition

Kane’s artwork has garnered significant attention and recognition in the NFT community. Here are a few notable sales from his collection:

  • “CryptoArt Monetization Generation”: Sold for 320 ETH ($1.24 million equivalent on the date of sale) on Oct. 18, 2021 (SuperRare).
  • “Surfacing Water Lilies IV”: Sold for 110 ETH ($179,520 equivalent on the date of sale) on Jan. 24, 2023 (SuperRare).
  • “Gazers #550”: Sold for 46.5 ETH ($72,131 equivalent on the date of sale) on Jan. 18, 2023 (OpenSea).

More NFT Artists to Watch

In addition to his own success, Kane also highlights two other NFT artists worth paying attention to:

  • AwfulEye: A visually impaired artist who uses AI to manifest his vision.
  • Panter Xhita: An Argentine surrealist artist with a unique style.

A Personal Journey Through Art

Matt Kane’s journey as an artist has been shaped by personal tragedy and a desire to overcome the limitations of the physical art world. Through his innovative use of code, he has been able to bring his unique vision to life in the digital realm.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Kane remains deeply passionate about his art and the NFT community. He finds inspiration in his fellow artists and the supportive community that surrounds him.

To learn more about Matt Kane and his artwork, you can visit his website and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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