NTT DATA Deploys a Horizen EON Blockchain Certificate Signer Node

NTT DATA, a leading IT service provider and global innovation partner, is set to deploy a Horizen EON blockchain Certificate Signer Node on its infrastructure. This move aims to enhance the security and credibility of the Horizen EON network.

NTT DATA Joins the Horizen Ecosystem

Horizen, in a recent blog post, announced its collaboration with NTT DATA. As part of this partnership, NTT DATA will deploy a Horizen EON blockchain Certificate Signer Node on its infrastructure. This node will play a crucial role in securing the Horizen EON network and ensuring the robustness of its operations. By contributing to the credibility and security of the network, NTT DATA aims to support the growth of the Horizen ecosystem and offer innovative blockchain-based solutions to its clients.

The Horizen EON is an EVM-compatible sidechain and smart contract platform developed using the powerful ZK-enabled cross-chain transfer protocol, Zendoo. With the deployment of the Horizen EON blockchain Certificate Signer Node, developers will be able to build decentralized applications (dApps) easily and enjoy seamless access to the Horizen ecosystem.

According to Francisco Spadafora, the Head of Blockchain Competence Center EMEAL at NTT DATA:

“Contributing to public blockchains, running nodes, and validators is part of our strategy of working very closely with the public blockchain industry, supporting the growth of these ecosystems and providing the scalability capabilities that, as NTT DATA, we have. This is the first of several other initiatives we would like to launch with the crypto industry, and we are happy to have taken this important step with Horizen, in which we strongly believe and with which we plan to undertake other joint actions to offer blockchain-based solutions to our clients.”

Horizen EON Blockchain Expansion

With the inclusion of NTT DATA, the Horizen EON blockchain now boasts a total of 47 certificate signer nodes. These nodes play a critical role in establishing the credibility of transactions on the EON chain, as well as ensuring decentralization. Additionally, the signer nodes are responsible for signing backward transfer requests, facilitating the flow of ZEN from the EON chain to the Horizen mainchain.

Horizen is a layer 0 public blockchain that powers a zero-knowledge network of blockchains. It utilizes a massive node system and the Zendoo protocol to achieve scalability and facilitate cross-chain transactions.

NTT DATA, headquartered in Tokyo, is an IT services provider and global innovation partner that operates in over 50 countries worldwide.

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As the deployment of the Horizen EON blockchain Certificate Signer Node by NTT DATA highlights, blockchain technology continues to gain momentum and attract the attention of industry leaders and innovators.

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