Nintendo Switch 2 Preview: Get Ready for the Next Big Thing

The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo, becoming their best-selling home console of all time. With its unique blend of home console and handheld functionality, the Switch has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. But after six years since its launch, fans are eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s next big release – the Nintendo Switch 2.

What is the Nintendo Switch 2?

While no official announcement has been made, leaks and reports indicate that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be a more powerful game system that maintains the same convertible approach as its predecessor. The current Switch can be docked and played on a TV or used as a handheld console with the Switch Lite variant. Reports suggest that major game developers have already been shown the new hardware, hinting at a possible close release date.

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 come out?

Nintendo has not provided an official release date for the Switch 2, but reports point to a late 2024 release target. This would be approximately seven-and-a-half years after the original Switch launch. Nintendo aims to avoid hardware shortages seen in past console launches, indicating that they anticipate high demand for the Switch 2.

According to a leaker, the release date for the Switch 2 is speculated to be September 24, 2024, with another potential date being November 3, 2024. The price point for the base model is rumored to be $449, with a fully digital version without cartridge support priced at $400. These prices are higher than the original Switch, but still within a reasonable range for gamers.

What will the Nintendo Switch 2 look like?

While not confirmed, leaks and rumors suggest that the Switch 2 will feature a similar handheld-meets-home-console design. A patent application filed by Nintendo showcases a dual convertible device that allows players to use it with a single screen, two stacked screens, or even separately as individual screens. Wireless connectivity could enable two-player gaming using a single separated piece of hardware.

How powerful will the Nintendo Switch 2 be?

While the Switch 2 is not expected to compete with the current generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in terms of power, it is rumored to offer a significant improvement over the original Switch. Leaked documents suggest that the Switch 2 will have similar power to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hardware, which would still be a notable step up. The Switch 2 is also expected to have 12GB of onboard RAM.

What games will the Nintendo Switch 2 have?

Nintendo will likely continue its tradition of releasing popular franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart for the Switch 2. There are also rumors circulating about games like Far Cry 7 and a new Donkey Kong game being released for the Switch 2.

One interesting question is whether the Switch 2 will be backward-compatible with original Switch games and if they will benefit from the increased power of the new hardware. It would be exciting to see enhanced versions of beloved games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch 2.

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