MetaMask Bug Fixed: opBNB Recommended Fees Were Overestimated, Causing Users to Overpay

A bug in MetaMask has been identified and fixed, resolving an issue where opBNB gas fees were being overestimated. This glitch resulted in users paying higher fees than necessary when following the default recommended fee displayed in their wallets. However, the problem has now been addressed, ensuring that users can enjoy the true benefits of opBNB: fast, cheap, and secure transactions.

The MetaMask Glitch and its Impact

The glitch in MetaMask occurred due to a default minimum recommendation price for gas being set based on the average of all networks, including opBNB. While this policy made sense for other layer 2 (L2) networks, it didn’t align accurately with opBNB’s fee structure. The fees on opBNB can be significantly lower than those on other L1 and L2 networks, hence the estimation discrepancy.

BNB Smart Chain, the team behind opBNB, discovered this issue and promptly reached out to the MetaMask team for assistance. The MetaMask team was extremely helpful and agreed to update their algorithm to provide more accurate fee estimates. As a result, the wallet now reflects the correct fees for opBNB transactions.

How to Verify the Correct Fees

Users can now verify the accurate fees for opBNB by following a simple process within MetaMask:

  1. Switch to the opBNB network from within the MetaMask wallet.
  2. Attempt to perform a transaction on the opBNB network.

By going through these steps, users will see that opBNB often has lower fees compared to its competitors, proving the fix implemented by MetaMask.

About opBNB and its Development

opBNB is an optimistic rollup (L2) solution built on the Ethereum network. It was launched on September 13 by the team behind BNB Smart Chain. The developers of opBNB utilized the OP Stack, a modular framework for creating interoperable blockchain networks. The overall goal of the BNB Smart Chain team is to create a “Superchain” comprising interconnected blockchain networks. This Superchain concept faces competition from Polygon’s “Supernets,” which shares a similar objective.

Editor Notes: The Importance of Accurate Fee Estimations

Accurate fee estimations are crucial for users of blockchain networks. Overpaying for gas fees can significantly impact the overall cost of transactions, especially for frequent users. It is reassuring to see that the MetaMask team, in collaboration with BNB Smart Chain, swiftly addressed and resolved the estimation glitch. This incident emphasizes the importance of ongoing development and collaboration within the crypto ecosystem to enhance user experience and ensure cost-effective transactions.

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