Laos Suspends Electricity Supply to Crypto Mining Projects Amid Drought

Laos, a country heavily dependent on hydropower, has decided to suspend the electricity supply to cryptocurrency mining operations due to several reasons. The state-owned electricity distribution company Électricité du Laos (EDL) cited the struggle to generate enough power amid drought conditions as the primary cause for the suspension.

Laos experienced a severe drought in the first half of 2023, which led to an increase in electricity demand due to extreme heat. As a result, hydropower plants have faced challenges in generating sufficient electricity to meet the needs of the country.

Official announcement of suspension of electricity supply to crypto mining projects. Source: Électricité du Laos

The EDL also mentioned that hydropower plants account for 95% of Laos’ power generation. The company aims to prioritize the supply of electricity to local consumers and export substantial volumes to Thailand in 2024. However, severe drought conditions are expected to impact the country’s export capacity as well.

Another reason cited for the suspension is the failure of certain crypto mining projects to settle their outstanding balances with the EDL. In an interview with the Laotian Times, an EDL employee emphasized the importance of payment compliance in maintaining the electricity supply.

Laotian Government’s Crypto Mining Pilot

In September 2021, the Laotian government approved a public-private pilot program to foster crypto mining and trading activities in the country. This decision was motivated by China’s crackdown on mining operations, prompting industrial-scale miners to explore alternative locations. Under this program, six companies were granted permission to conduct mining operations in Laos.

The suspension of electricity supply to crypto mining projects highlights the challenges faced by emerging crypto markets in ensuring sustainable and reliable energy sources. As the crypto industry continues to expand globally, the environmental impact and energy consumption associated with mining are becoming more significant concerns.

The Growing Crypto Mining Industry

While Laos has suspended electricity supply to crypto mining projects, other countries are actively embracing this emerging industry. The Sultanate of Oman, situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, recently established a $370 million crypto mining center in the Salalah Free Zone. Local company Exahertz, in collaboration with Dubai-based blockchain firm Moonwalk Systems, will operate the facility.

However, challenges related to the crypto mining sector are not limited to power supply and environmental concerns. In China, a Chinese official named Xiao Yi was sentenced to life in prison for corruption in operating a Bitcoin mining enterprise. Yi faced charges of abusing power and corruption, including instructing departments to fabricate reports and manipulate electricity consumption data to conceal the mining activities.

Despite the challenges and setbacks faced by the crypto mining industry, it continues to attract significant attention and investment. The potential for profit and technological advancements in the sector are enticing for both individuals and businesses.

Editor Notes: Embracing Sustainable Crypto Practices

As the crypto industry evolves, it is crucial for stakeholders to prioritize sustainable practices. The suspension of electricity supply to crypto mining projects in Laos serves as a reminder of the need for energy-efficient solutions in the sector.

Efforts should be made to explore alternative energy sources and technologies that can mitigate the environmental impact of crypto mining. Additionally, promoting transparency, compliance, and ethical business practices will contribute to the long-term viability of the industry.

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