JW Verret: The Attorney Advocating for Crypto and Tracking the Money

J.W. Verret, also known as “BlockProf” or the Blockchain Professor, is a Harvard-educated attorney and corporate finance and accounting professor at George Mason University. In addition to his teaching work, Verret is deeply invested in the cryptocurrency sector. He serves as the lead advocate for Crypto Freedom Lab, a think tank dedicated to promoting freedom and privacy for crypto developers and users. Verret is also a professional legal witness for defendants accused of evading financial-tracking laws and regularly contributes as a columnist for Cointelegraph.


1) The Journey into Cryptocurrency

Verret’s interest in cryptocurrency arose from his 15 years as a libertarian regulation and financial expert. He noticed that while government regulations aimed to fix problems in finance, crypto offered a revolutionary solution that eliminated the need for intermediaries. The freedom potential of cryptocurrencies fascinated Verret and led him to dive deeper into the space.

2) Criticizing SEC Chairman Gary Gensler

Verret served on the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee and succeeded Hester Peirce when she became an SEC commissioner. During his time on the committee, Verret was vocal in his criticisms of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. Verret believes that Gensler has been trying to destroy the crypto industry, suing major actors like Coinbase and Kraken while ignoring the worst offenders. Verret emphasizes the need for collaboration between regulators and the industry rather than an antagonistic approach.

3) Advocating for ZCash

Verret is a strong proponent of ZCash, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency comparable to Bitcoin. He admires ZCash for its privacy features, expressing the need for greater privacy in day-to-day transactions. While Verret also recognizes Monero as another privacy-focused project, he believes ZCash and Monero are both excellent projects deserving of praise.

4) The Future of Crypto

When contemplating the future of cryptocurrency, Verret envisions a combination of factors defining its trajectory. He believes that efficiency, scalability, and privacy will all play crucial roles. As governments and corporations push back against trustless property transfers, Verret argues that privacy coins and protocols will become essential for individuals to protect themselves.

5) Professional Witness in U.S. v. Sterlingov

In this ongoing case, Verret is serving as a professional witness in U.S. v. Sterlingov. Roman Sterlingov, the defendant, is charged with developing Bitcoin Fog, a crypto mixer, and laundering $336 million. Verret’s expertise as a forensic accountant and advocate for privacy helps merge legal and accounting perspectives to support the legal team. He also assists customers of major crypto exchanges when their assets are frozen due to false flags triggered by crypto tracing tools.

6) Thoughts on UFOs

Aside from his work in the crypto world, Verret has shown interest in UFOs. He enjoys podcasts and literature on the history of UFO investigations, recommending titles like “Strange Arrivals” and “High Strange.” While Verret believes that UFOs exist, he thinks they are likely unmanned probes rather than symbols of impending doom or grand conspiracies. Verret suggests that UFOs are a means for an unknown entity to observe humanity.

Rudy Takala

Rudy Takala

Rudy Takala is the opinion editor at Cointelegraph. With experience in major newsrooms like Fox News, The Hill, and the Washington Examiner, he brings a master’s degree in political communication from American University in Washington, DC.

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