Investors Flock to Blockchain Analytics, Gaming, and Crypto Privacy

Crypto startups continue to attract investment even amidst challenging economic conditions. In September, several major developments took place in the industry, including the successful fundraising efforts of prominent companies. These include Farmville co-creator Amitt Mahajan raising $33 million for Web3 games, and Animoca Brands securing $20 million for the development of its Mocaverse platform.

Another significant development is the closing of two new funds by Blockchain Capital, totaling $580 million to be invested in crypto gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects in the coming months. Despite the long downward trend in the market, these projects are defying the odds and attracting capital.

Bubblemaps: Data Visualization Secures $3.2 Million in Funding

Bubblemaps, a data visualization startup, recently raised €3 million ($3.2 million) in a seed funding round led by INCE Capital. The funding will be utilized to expand the company’s team, recruit additional developers, and enhance its social media marketing initiatives. Stake Capital, Momentum 6, Lbank, V3ntures, Nicolas Bacca of Ledger, Dyma Budorin of Hacken, and French entrepreneur Owen Simonin also contributed to the funding. Bubblemaps aims to become the go-to platform for data visualization in the Web3 ecosystem, with partnerships established with Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain.

Blockchain Analytics CoinScan Raises $6.3 Million

CoinScan, a crypto analytics platform, successfully raised $6.3 million in September. The platform offers safety checks, holders and airdrop analysis, and social sentiment analysis across the crypto community. CoinScan is the first product from CryptoHub, a Web3 company focused on the blockchain economy. The funding came from a range of investors, including Shalom MecKenzie, a major shareholder in DraftKings, as well as investors from Playtech and iAngels. The platform aims to provide users with the necessary tools and data to make informed assessments about risk and reward.

Hinkal Protocol Enhances Privacy in DeFi Trading with $4.1 Million Funding

Hinkal, a privacy protocol, raised $4.1 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Draper Associates. The protocol offers an advanced privacy layer for decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions and assets, shielding them from public visibility. The funding round saw participation from Psalion Hedge Fund, NGC Ventures, NoLimit Holdings, Draper Dragon, Peer VC, Orange DAO, Ventures, and others. Draper Associates, known for investing in successful tech companies like Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, and Coinbase, recognized the potential of Hinkal and supported its development.

Mythic Protocol Raises $6.5 Million for Collaborative Entertainment

Mythic Protocol, an emerging collaborative entertainment ecosystem, recently raised $6.5 million in a seed round. The funding was co-led by Shima Capital’s founder, Yida Gao, alongside Alpha JWC, Saison Capital, GDP Ventures, Planetarium Labs, and other investors. The team behind Mythic Protocol is focused on utilizing a game-first strategy to attract and engage users in the entertainment space. With a track record of launching over 250 game titles, the founding team is well-positioned to bring success to their latest venture.

ConsenSys Launches Pre-Accelerator Program for Web3 Founders

ConsenSys, a leading technology company in the blockchain space, announced the launch of its pre-accelerator program called ConsenSys Fellowship. This program is designed to support early-stage Web3 startups by providing them with the necessary resources and guidance to turn their ideas into functional businesses, products, or tools. The 12-week program includes workshops, mentorship, and access to ConsenSys’ extensive network, with the possibility of follow-on investments from a $1.5 million fund. The ConsenSys Fellowship aims to foster innovation and drive the growth of the Web3 ecosystem.

Editor’s Notes: Embracing the Potential of Web3 Technologies

The growing interest and investment in blockchain analytics, gaming, and crypto privacy are clear indicators of the potential of Web3 technologies. As more investors recognize the disruptive power of these innovations, they are willing to provide the necessary capital to drive their development forward. This influx of funding will propel the industry to new heights and pave the way for a more decentralized and secure digital future.

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