Injective Integration with Google Cloud BigQuery: Boosting Web3 Finance

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Injective (INJ) has made a significant move by integrating with Google Cloud’s BigQuery through the Analytics Hub. As a layer-1 blockchain, Injective joins the ranks of various chains on BigQuery, enhancing access to valuable on-chain data for developers and enterprises.

Injective, whose native token INJ has been a standout performer in the crypto market recently, has partnered with Google Cloud to unlock new opportunities in web3 finance. The collaboration will enable Google Cloud customers to leverage custom datasets within the Injective ecosystem, including real-time financial data. This data integration protocol, made available through Injective Nexus, will be pivotal in building decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, institutional trading strategies, and machine learning models.

Eric Chen, the CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs, emphasized the significance of this data collaboration in expanding the platform’s influence in institutions and traditional finance. Chen noted that Google Cloud has played a vital role in Injective’s growth and expects this collaboration to drive the entire web3 industry to new heights.

The integration between Injective and Google Cloud follows the recent addition of BigQuery dataset support for 11 more blockchain networks by the cloud computing giant. This expansion is in addition to the initial support for Bitcoin and Ethereum. With this integration, Injective takes a significant step towards establishing itself as a key player within the blockchain ecosystem.

Unlocking New Possibilities with Injective and Google Cloud

Developers and enterprises can now access a wealth of on-chain data within the Injective ecosystem via Google Cloud’s BigQuery. This integration opens up diverse opportunities for innovation and growth in web3 finance. Here’s how Injective integration with Google Cloud BigQuery benefits different stakeholders:

  • Developers: The integration enables developers to have public access to core on-chain data from Injective, empowering them to create DeFi applications, smart contracts, and other innovative solutions. They can leverage real-time financial data to build robust and secure decentralized applications.
  • Enterprises: By utilizing bespoke blockchain datasets, enterprises can develop institutional trading strategies based on accurate and reliable data from the Injective ecosystem. Moreover, they can explore machine learning models and predictive analytics to gain insights for better decision-making.
  • Google Cloud Customers: Customers of Google Cloud can take advantage of this collaboration to access valuable on-chain data within Injective. This partnership expands the range of blockchain datasets available on BigQuery, enhancing the capabilities of Google Cloud’s analytics and data processing services.

Editor Notes: Expanding Opportunities in the Crypto Market

This integration between Injective and Google Cloud’s BigQuery is a significant development for the web3 industry. It not only solidifies Injective’s position as a leading layer-1 blockchain but also opens the doors to new possibilities in decentralized finance and institutional trading.

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