Peter McCormack’s Journey to Online Fame and Bitcoin Advocacy

Peter McCormack, the host of the popular podcast What Bitcoin Did, openly admits that Twitter brings out the worst in people, including himself. Despite amassing over half a million followers on the platform, McCormack questions whether Twitter is a net positive due to the amount of stupidity it elevates. He acknowledges that he can sometimes be a dick on Twitter while criticizing others for the same behavior.

Although he has reservations about Twitter, McCormack has found success in podcasting. His insightful interviews with influential figures in the crypto industry, such as Michael Saylor, Cathie Wood, and Lyn Alden, have garnered him one million monthly listeners. McCormack stumbled upon podcasting by accident after being inspired by the podcast of health guru Rich Roll. He reached out to Roll for guidance and received invaluable mentorship.

McCormack’s hard work and dedication paid off as What Bitcoin Did became one of the most well-known Bitcoin podcasts in the industry. However, this success also brought significant pressure as he is now responsible for a small business employing seven people.

The Path to Twitter Fame

McCormack believes that there is no secret formula for building a following on Twitter besides working hard. He attributes his success to six years of dedication and open-mindedness about Bitcoin and politics. In 2021, McCormack had the opportunity to meet with El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, to discuss Bitcoin, further solidifying his influence in the crypto community.

While he acknowledges that Twitter has both positive and negative elements, McCormack uses the platform to promote his podcast and projects related to his football club. He is aware that his content is not for everyone, as he mainly focuses on Bitcoin and football.

Content and Interests

Aside from Bitcoin, McCormack has a genuine interest in memes and appreciates economist Lyn Alden’s macroeconomic analysis. He also finds inspiration in Alex Gladstein’s work at the Human Rights Foundation. McCormack is not limited by ideological views and prefers to evaluate each issue individually, rather than aligning himself strictly with one political faction.

Twitter Beefs

McCormack has had his fair share of Twitter feuds, particularly with Richard Heart and his HEX project. He has received intense backlash from Heart’s followers, including one disturbing incident where he received a package containing feces. McCormack emphasizes that he gets sent both positive and negative messages, and his son, who collects the mail, was the unfortunate recipient of the repugnant package.

Future Outlook

McCormack expresses skepticism towards central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), referring to them as “bullshit” and “dystopian surveillance tech for mass control.” He believes that regulators should stop interfering and creating obstacles for innovation. When asked about Bitcoin’s price direction in the next 12 months, McCormack prefers not to make bold predictions, emphasizing that Bitcoin will eventually recover.

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Editor’s Notes

Peter McCormack’s journey in the crypto industry and outspoken presence on Twitter have made him an influential figure. Despite the challenges and controversies he has faced, McCormack remains committed to advocating for Bitcoin and supporting his local community in Bedford. To stay updated on the latest crypto news, visit Uber Crypto News.

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