Google’s New Policy Allows NFT Game Ads Starting September 15

Google has recently announced a significant update to its cryptocurrency advertising policy. Starting September 15, Google will allow advertisements for blockchain-based NFT games that meet specific criteria. This change comes with the condition that these ads should not promote or involve gambling or related services.

New Criteria for NFT Game Advertisements

According to a blog post from Google, the new policy will be limited to NFT games that enable players to purchase in-game items such as virtual apparel, weaponry, or armor that can enhance the gaming experience or aid users in advancing the game.

“NFT games that allow players to purchase in-game items, like virtual apparel for a player’s characters, weaponry, or armor with better stats, consumed or used in a game to enhance a user’s experience or aid users in advancing the game.”

However, advertisements for games that involve wagering or staking NFTs against other players, as well as games that offer rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs, will still be prohibited under the new policy. This also includes NFT casino games and social betting platforms that allow players to gamble with real-world prizes or currencies like cash or cryptocurrency.

Developers and publishers who wish to run ads promoting NFT-integrated gambling content will need to comply with Google’s Gambling and Games Policy and obtain the necessary Google Ads certification.

Past Bans and Changes

This latest policy update from Google follows its previous ban on all cryptocurrency-related advertising across its platforms in March 2018. Google did not provide any indication at that time whether the ban would be permanent or reviewable in the future. The Director of Sustainable Ads at Google, Scott Spencer, explained that the ban was implemented due to concerns about potential consumer harm.

In June 2021, Google made a partial reversal of the ban, allowing registered cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and related services targeting the United States to advertise on the platform. The condition was that these companies had to be registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business or be a federal or state-chartered bank entity.

Editor Notes: Uber Crypto News

Google’s decision to allow ads for NFT games is a significant step towards embracing the potential of blockchain-based gaming and NFTs. This update opens up new opportunities for developers and publishers to reach a wider audience and promote their NFT game projects. As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, the integration of NFTs into gaming experiences will enhance user engagement and provide unique value to players.

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