Giant Swan’s Unique Vision: Creating Immersive Gothic VR Art through NFTs

From overcoming personal struggles to becoming a successful digital artist, Giant Swan’s journey is a testament to perseverance and innovation. Hailing from Australia, he has made a name for himself in the world of VR painting and sculpting by pushing boundaries and embracing new technologies like blockchain and NFTs. His breathtaking and immersive art pieces have captured the attention of collectors worldwide, including prominent figures in the NFT space.

In the past, digital artists relied on social media platforms like Instagram for exposure, often settling for mere likes and comments. However, with the rise of NFTs, artists like Giant Swan can now monetize their work directly, without intermediaries, and gain recognition for their unique creations. Giant Swan stands out among his peers as the first artist to put a 3D object on the blockchain, giving his art a whole new level of accessibility and permanence.

Giant Swan’s art is known for its dreamlike quality, transporting viewers into otherworldly realms. His pieces evoke a visceral and emotional response, with every stroke and color choice carefully crafted in his virtual reality studio. His goal is to create an experience similar to a dream, where viewers are left with a sense of wonder and the challenge of describing what they have witnessed.

To create his art, Giant Swan utilizes a VR headset and gaming rig, allowing him to translate his movements into vibrant shapes and colors. By immersing himself in a virtual reality void, he has the freedom to explore endless possibilities and create art that breaks free from traditional constraints. He believes that VR art allows for imperfection and organic expression, making it one of the most exciting and innovative digital art forms available.

Notable Sales

Giant Swan’s unique artistic vision has resonated with collectors, leading to significant sales of his NFT pieces. Some notable sales include:

  • Anomaly272 by Giant Swan sold for 15 ETH ($41,423) on SuperRare
  • Nocturnal by Giant Swan on SuperRare
  • The Soul of the void by Giant Swan sold for 14.3 ETH ($28,502) on SuperRare

Rapid-fire Q&A

How would you describe your style as an artist?

Giant Swan’s style is a unique blend of balanced emotional surrealism and expressive 3D art. It combines elements of gothic aesthetics and powerful symbolism, creating a distinct and instantly recognizable artistic voice.

Who are the influences on your art career to date?

Giant Swan draws inspiration from various sources, including Ashley Wood, known for his inky comic book style in works like Tank Girl. He is also influenced by Jamie Hewlett, the visual genius behind The Gorillaz and Tank Girl. The immersive and experiential nature of The Gorillaz’s artwork shaped Giant Swan’s own approach to creating art that evokes emotions and invites exploration.

Is there an up-and-coming artist/s you think people should be paying attention to?

Giant Swan recommends keeping an eye on Mysterious Al, a talented muralist based in Melbourne. With his distinctive style and captivating artwork, Mysterious Al is poised to make a significant impact in the art world.

Who is a notable collector of yours that makes you smile knowing they own one of your pieces?

Giant Swan takes pride in knowing that his art has resonated with prominent collectors such as Pranksy, j1mmy.eth, Josie, Whale Shark, Moderats Art, and Deej. These individuals not only appreciate his work but also recognize his talent and potential even before his pieces reached high valuations.

What’s your favorite NFT in your wallet that’s not your own NFT?

Among the NFTs in his wallet, Giant Swan holds a special appreciation for a pair of shoes designed for Cryptovoxels by an artist named n0shot. These shoes symbolize the early days of the crypto art culture and the sense of community he experienced when artists and collectors would gather in virtual worlds.

What’s Hot in Other NFT Art Markets

While Giant Swan’s art has garnered attention and acclaim, other artists and collections are also making waves in the NFT art market. Here are some recent notable sales:

  • Fidenza #943 by Tyler Hobbs sold for $190,500 at Sotheby’s as part of the 3AC Grails Sale
  • Chromie Squiggle #1552 by Snowfro sold for 28 WETH ($47,000) on OpenSea
  • Incomplete Control #81 by Tyler Hobbs sold for 35 ETH ($58,988) on OpenSea

OpenSea’s Royalty Race to the Bottom

Recently, OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, announced a controversial decision regarding creator royalties on secondary sales. Starting from August 31, 2023, OpenSea will make creator royalties optional for sellers, effectively removing the royalty enforcement filter they introduced in November 2022.

This move has sparked a debate within the NFT community about the importance of creator royalties and the future of the creator economy. Many artists and collectors believe that royalties provide crucial support for artists and incentivize them to continue creating, while others argue that enforcing royalties compromises the decentralized nature of NFT ownership.

The announcement by OpenSea has drawn criticism from various quarters, including artist collectives like Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. Yuga Labs has expressed their disagreement with OpenSea’s decision and there are speculations that they might launch their own marketplace as a response.

13-Year-Old Philanthropist: Blueberry DAO x Nouns DAO

In a heartwarming initiative, 13-year-old artist Lilpurpberry from Brisbane has collaborated with the Variety children’s charity to create Blueberry DAO. Supported by funding from Nouns DAO, Blueberry DAO aims to support local children’s charities through the sale of Lilpurpberry’s NFT pixel art.

The first recipient of their efforts was the “Bikes for Kids” program, run by Variety, which provides brand new bikes and helmets to disadvantaged children who would otherwise go without. This example of philanthropy within the NFT space demonstrates how young artists can make a positive impact and use their creativity for social good.

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Editor Notes:

Giant Swan’s unique and immersive VR art has captivated the world of digital art and NFTs. His ability to evoke emotions and create dreamlike experiences sets him apart from other artists in the space. With each stroke, he brings his vision to life and invites viewers to explore new realms.

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