FTX Takes Precautionary Measures and Suspends User Accounts Amid Kroll Cyber Breach Concerns

In response to a recent cybersecurity breach at Kroll, FTX, the bankrupt crypto exchange, has temporarily suspended the accounts of impacted users accessing its claims portal. This proactive decision aims to prevent future incidents and minimize harm following the hack.

FTX made the announcement on X (formerly Twitter), assuring users that all claim data submitted through the Kroll customer claims portal remains secure and valid. Users were strongly advised against modifying their claims or altering accepted schedules in response to the incident.

FTX’s Response to the Kroll Cybersecurity Incident

Kroll, the appointed claims and noticing agent for FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, experienced a breach that exposed non-sensitive data associated with claimants involved in the bankruptcy case. Despite this breach, FTX confirmed that account passwords, internal systems, and financial funds remained unaffected.

FTX received reassurances from Kroll regarding their active management of the situation and continued oversight. To further substantiate this assurance, FTX verified that the breach had no impact on the security of user accounts.

Although FTX’s internal systems were unaffected, there are concerns that FTX customers may have had their personal data compromised. Blockchain analyst ZachXBT reported that phishing emails targeting FTX customers have started circulating.

Precautionary Steps and Notification

Kroll is directly informing impacted individuals about precautionary steps they should take for self-protection. It is important to note that Kroll did not handle FTX account passwords, and FTX’s internal systems remain secure.

FTX has temporarily frozen affected user accounts within the customer claims portal to mitigate any potential risks. While the exchange works to resolve the situation, they appreciate the patience of their users. Additional information regarding the next steps will be provided in due course.


Cybersecurity breaches are a concerning issue in the crypto industry. FTX’s swift response to the Kroll incident demonstrates their commitment to user security and the protection of sensitive data. By temporarily suspending impacted user accounts, FTX aims to ensure that customers’ claims and data remain secure during this challenging time.

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