Formula E: High Voltage – A Fun Play-to-Earn Racer That Needs a Roadmap

Formula E: High Voltage is a thrilling racing game that takes a unique approach by incorporating play-to-earn functionality. This browser-based game offers a strategic twist to the genre, making it a fun and competitive experience. However, the lack of in-game direction and tutorials may initially pose a challenge for players.

A False Start

When launching Formula E: High Voltage for the first time, you’ll notice its distinctive graphical style. Unlike traditional racing games that feature ultra-realistic graphics, this game takes on a more stripped-down arcade style, optimized for in-browser play. While this may give the game a more casual feel, it also means that it has a lower barrier to entry.

One drawback is the lack of clear direction or tutorials when starting the game. It may not be immediately obvious that you need to click “connect wallet” to reveal the “play” button. Additionally, the controls and mechanics of the game are not clearly explained in-game, requiring players to seek external resources for guidance.

In order to get a better understanding of the game, players often have to visit the game’s Discord server and refer to a series of Medium articles and YouTube videos. This lack of in-game guidance and the presence of “soon-to-come” tabs on the home screen can leave players feeling like the game is still unfinished.


To get started with Formula E: High Voltage, players can play for free by connecting their wallets or creating one with an email address. This allows players to practice on their own or compete against bots. However, if players want to play online and have a chance to earn tokens, they need to purchase REVV tokens, which are the in-game currency.

By spending 25 REVV tokens (approximately $0.20), players can enter “battles” which are time trial mini-leagues. In these battles, players compete against 20 bots and earn points based on their performance. The REVV token pool is then distributed to the top six players in the league, with the first-place winner receiving 40% of the pool. The size of the league determines the prize pool.

The play-to-earn element of Formula E: High Voltage adds a competitive layer to the game, as every race counts. Players can re-enter races at no extra cost to improve their scores. Since the game is in its early stages, there is no established competitive meta or dominant strategy. This allows players to experiment with different racing styles and strategies, making each race a thrilling and engaging experience.

Play and Earn with Formula E: High Voltage

Formula E: High Voltage has the potential to be a truly exciting game with its play-to-earn approach and unique spin on racing games. However, the lack of proper tutorials and direction when starting the game is a significant drawback that may discourage some players. Once these issues are resolved, Formula E: High Voltage can become a top-tier game in the play-to-earn ecosystem.

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