Fine Dining and Digital Art: Trevor Jones’ Castle Party Returns

Are you a fan of digital art and fine dining? If so, you’ll be excited to know that Trevor Jones is bringing back his popular “Castle Party” event. From September 3 to 5, some of the biggest names in digital art will gather at the magnificent Château de Vallery near Paris for a weekend of festivities.

Jones, a pioneer in crypto art, first came up with the idea for the Castle Party after the success of his “Bitcoin Angel” drop. He wanted to create a platform for artists and collectors to interact face-to-face and celebrate their achievements. The inaugural party took place at Stirling Castle in Scotland in 2021 and was a huge success.

What to Expect at the Castle Party

The Castle Party is more than just an art event—it’s a celebration of a vibrant community. Attendees can look forward to five-a-side soccer games, pool parties, DJ sessions, magic shows, and an open bar. The camaraderie among the attendees is one of the highlights of the event, with many forming close connections and becoming like a closely knit family.

This year’s Castle Party will also pay tribute to the late French crypto artist Philippe Fatoux, also known as Alotta Money. Jones considered Fatoux a close friend and important figure in his own journey into digital art. An online exhibition and auction will be held in collaboration with MakersPlace to raise funds for cancer charities.

Trevor Jones: A Crypto Art Pioneer

Jones was one of the first traditionally-trained painters to venture into crypto-themed artwork. In 2017, he was drawn into the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, which inspired him to explore the philosophy behind Bitcoin and its potential implications.

Jones dedicated a year to creating and exhibiting paintings inspired by the crypto space. His work received an overwhelmingly positive response, and he quickly became established as a prominent figure in the digital art community. He has since launched an open edition drop for NFT artwork, further solidifying his position in the industry.

Despite his success, Jones remains critical of the industry’s direction. He believes that the increasing focus on art as a commodity runs the risk of reducing it to a mere financial asset. He also acknowledges the challenges artists face in navigating the space, such as scammers and opportunists.

The Multi-Dimensional Artist

Jones’ work spans different styles and mediums, from abstract landscapes to portraits and crypto-themed paintings. He embraces continuous exploration in his art and sees himself as a multi-dimensional artist rather than limiting himself to a single label.

When asked how he defines himself, Jones describes himself as a crypto artist due to his early involvement in the crypto space. However, he prefers to be seen simply as an artist who is open to new opportunities, technologies, and tools.

Editor’s Notes

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