Ethereum’s Validator Queue Clears Out as Staking Demand Declines

The Ethereum network’s validator queue, which was once filled with eager participants looking to engage in the blockchain’s proof-of-stake system, has reached an all-time low. The queue now stands at only 377 validators, a significant drop from its peak of over 96,000 in early June. This reduction in the validator queue is a remarkable development for the Ethereum ecosystem, marking its emptiest state since the “Shapella” upgrade in April, which finalized Ethereum’s transition to a fully functioning proof-of-stake network.

Declining Staking Demand

The shrinking validator queue is a clear indication of declining staking demand on the Ethereum network. During its peak, individuals interested in becoming validators faced a 45-day wait, driven by high demand to stake Ethereum’s native token, ETH. However, as of Thursday, the expected waiting time to add a new validator has plummeted to less than four hours. This rapid decline reflects changes in the staking landscape following the Shapella upgrade, which introduced the ability to withdraw staked ETH for the first time, reducing investor risk.

The Shapella upgrade initially sparked a surge in staking activity, with ETH staking growth being described as “exceptionally strong” after Ethereum’s transition to proof-of-stake in September 2022. However, the initial enthusiasm has subsided in recent times.

Decrease in Staking Rewards

The decline in staking demand has resulted in a decrease in staking rewards. Previously ranging from 5% to 6%, staking rewards have now dropped to around 3.5%. This can be attributed, in part, to reduced network activity generating lower fees and an increasing number of stakers.

While Ethereum’s staking ratio (the share of tokens staked relative to the total supply) has grown to over 22% since April, it still trails behind competitors such as Solana, Cardano, and Avalanche. These networks have staking ratios ranging from 53% to 69%.

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