Dubai’s Regulator Suspends BitOasis Crypto Exchange License

Dubai’s cryptocurrency regulator, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), has recently suspended the license of BitOasis, a prominent crypto exchange in the region. The suspension comes as a result of BitOasis’ failure to meet the mandated conditions within the specified timeframes set by the regulator.

VARA issued two alerts on July 10, stating that enforcement action has been taken against BitOasis and that the Dubai-based exchange is currently under review. The conditional license granted to BitOasis on April 12 allowed the exchange to operate, subject to meeting certain key conditions within 30-60 day timeframes. Unfortunately, BitOasis did not meet these conditions, leading to the suspension of its license.

While the specific conditions that BitOasis failed to meet were not disclosed by VARA, the regulator has stated that until the exchange fulfills these conditions, its license for institutional and qualified retail investors will remain ‘non-operational.’

Implications for BitOasis

BitOasis received the first of Dubai’s “minimum viable product operational licenses” from VARA, enabling the exchange to provide broker-dealer services to qualified institutional and retail investors. This conditional license is a crucial step towards obtaining a Full Market Product (FMP) license, the final stage of the licensing process.

However, due to the suspension of its license, BitOasis will be required to fulfill the conditions outlined in its current license before it can apply for the FMP license. It is important for the exchange to address the issues raised by VARA and ensure regulatory compliance in order to resume its operations.

Recent Enforcement Actions by VARA

This is not the first time VARA has taken enforcement action against entities operating in the crypto industry. In April, VARA reprimanded Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, the co-founders of the collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, for operating and promoting their new OPNX crypto exchange in Dubai without the necessary license.

VARA has stated that it will continue to monitor BitOasis’ situation and expects the exchange to take steps for regulatory compliance remediation. As the crypto industry evolves, regulators play a vital role in ensuring the protection of investors and maintaining the integrity of the market.


The suspension of BitOasis’ license by VARA highlights the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements in the crypto industry. As the crypto market continues to gain mainstream attention, it is crucial for exchanges and other crypto service providers to prioritize compliance and maintain transparency in their operations.

It remains to be seen how BitOasis will address the concerns raised by VARA and whether the exchange will be able to resume its operations in the near future. As the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies evolves, it is essential for businesses operating in this space to stay updated with the latest regulations and ensure full compliance to build trust and confidence among investors.

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