DFINITY and SingularityNET Collaborate to Enhance Decentralised AI Infrastructure

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DFINITY Foundation (DFINITY) and SingularityNET have announced a strategic partnership to advance the decentralised artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure ecosystem. The collaboration aims to integrate the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain with the SingularityNET marketplace, paving the way for decentralised AI services for dApps built on the ICP blockchain.

The Significance of Decentralised AI Infrastructure

The push towards a decentralised approach to AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is gaining momentum. Proponents believe that establishing the right infrastructure is crucial to bringing the benefits of this technological leap to humanity. Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, emphasized the importance of the collaboration, stating that bringing together the essential tools and platforms created by SingularityNET and DFINITY will play a pivotal role in creating a decentralised AI network for the benefit of all humanity.

As part of their collaboration, DFINITY and SingularityNET plan to align their grant programs to support DFINITY’s Developer Grant Program. With this initiative, they aim to catalyze the developer community, providing researchers and scientists with the necessary resources to advance the decentralised AI ecosystem.

ICP will play a pivotal role in this initiative, as noted by Dominic Williams, the founder and chief scientist at the DFINITY Foundation. The Internet Computer has been at the forefront of hosting artificial intelligence on the blockchain, and the collaboration with SingularityNET aims to further realize the vision for decentralised AI.

In addition to their technical collaboration, the two organizations will host joint events at ICP Hubs worldwide, including hackathons and seminars, over the coming year.

Developments in the AI Space

DFINITY Foundation and SingularityNET are making this announcement at a time when the AI space is experiencing significant developments, such as the recent events at OpenAI. Amidst these changes, the collaboration between DFINITY Foundation and SingularityNET underscores their commitment to advancing the decentralised AI infrastructure ecosystem.

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