Unlocking the Potential of Crypto with 1000x’s Groundbreaking Affiliate Program for Degens

1000x, the pioneering loyalty program exclusively designed for degens, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated affiliate program. Aimed at rewarding early supporters and partners, this program offers affiliates an incredible opportunity to earn generous 25% commissions by driving new users to the platform.

1000x is an exclusive membership community catering to sports betting enthusiasts, gamblers, fantasy sports players, meme stock investors, and fans of all types of financial entertainment. As a member, you’ll enjoy a variety of exciting perks and benefits, including discounts with online gaming partners, access to exclusive play-to-earn experiences, connections with influential figures in the industry, and monthly members-only tournaments with boosted prize pools. Our membership is divided into two tiers: Sharks and Whales, with Whales savoring the lion’s share of perks and rebates.

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate and earning attractive commissions? Sign up here.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our first class of affiliates to 1000x,” stated Eric Chen, Decrypt’s VP of Revenue and the mastermind behind the 1000x loyalty program. “Our affiliates have the potential to earn substantial income, with a remarkable 25% commission and an unlimited cap up to our predetermined membership threshold.”

The 1000x loyalty program is part of an exciting lineup of content and offerings introduced by Decrypt, specially tailored for individuals with a higher risk appetite in the market. This month, we are also launching the captivating podcast, “This Time Will Be Different,” hosted by Reza Jafery, who has described the show as “informal conversations with builders, degens, and entrepreneurs who have paved their own path by taking bold risks.”

As a 1000x member, you will gain access to Jafery’s online course on NFT trading at Degen U—a unique variation of Decrypt‘s highly successful Decrypt U initiative. “Decrypt U equips you with the knowledge and education needed to secure a job in the crypto industry; however, Degen U equips you with the tools required to thrive without ever needing to rely on employment,” explained Jafery.

To join as a 1000x affiliate, kindly complete this quick and easy form.

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