dApp Store Kit Embraces New Technology for Web3 Gaming Development

The dApp Store Kit, initially developed by Polygon Labs, is integrating Ready Games’ mobile game development toolkit to empower developers to create Web3 games. By combining the dApp Store Kit’s toolkit for deploying EVM-compatible DApp stores with Ready Games’ technology, developers will have the capability to incorporate Web3 on-chain support. This includes integrating wallets, on-chain user profiles, and a DApp Store frontend stack for launching Web3 games.

The announcement emphasizes the prevalent issue of “clunky user experience” in mobile Web3 games, as users often have to constantly switch between games and external wallet apps to interact. Ready Games, a player in the free-to-play gaming space, will feature titles from studios with over 2500 games and 80 million active monthly users in their soon-to-be-launched dApp Store.

Enhancing User Experience and Engagement

With the integration of Ready Games’ Web3 gaming technology and the dApp Store Kit, the mobile gaming landscape has the potential for innovation:

“This integration paves the way for a new era of immersive and decentralized gaming experiences that will drive mass adoption of Web3 technology.” – David Bennahum, CEO of Ready Games

Ravikant Agrawal, the director of growth at Polygon Labs, believes that gaming is a vital aspect of the Web3 ecosystem and that DApp stores can significantly improve user experience and engagement:

“By leveraging decentralized application stores, gamers can enjoy a seamless and secure experience while also contributing to the growth of the Web3 community.”

Transitioning Web2 Games to Web3

dApp Store Kit, as a decentralized application (DApp) development platform, has integrated a leading Web3 game development technology stack to facilitate the migration of Web2 game titles into the Web3 environment. Casual gamers have been identified as a potential driving force behind blockchain-powered games. However, the Web3 gaming industry still faces criticism from mainstream commentators regarding tokenomics issues, user experience, and playability concerns.

The integration of Ready Games’ toolkit with the dApp Store Kit opens a new path for immersive and decentralized gaming experiences, which may bridge the gap between the mainstream gaming market and Web3 technology.


Editor Notes: Embracing the Future of Gaming with Web3

The integration of Ready Games’ technology with the dApp Store Kit marks an exciting development for Web3 gaming. By combining the power of blockchain and decentralized technologies, gamers can expect a more seamless and secure gaming experience. The increased adoption of Web3 technology in the gaming industry will not only revolutionize gameplay but also contribute to the overall growth of the Web3 community.

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