Growing a Crypto YouTube Channel: Tips from Cryptonauts

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become a popular platform for content creators to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. This holds true for the crypto community, where many individuals are looking to grow their crypto-focused YouTube channels. However, with so much competition and the rise of questionable content, it can be challenging to attract and retain subscribers.

Humanizing the Content

According to Nathan Leung, co-founder and host of the Cryptonauts YouTube channel, a key tactic for standing out in the crypto space is to “humanize” the content. In an era where skepticism is prevalent, Leung believes it’s important to showcase the genuine individuals behind the technology. By highlighting the stories and missions of builders and industry experts, content creators can help viewers connect on a more personal level.

Cryptonauts takes this approach by interviewing and featuring real builders who are working to make a positive impact in the crypto world. By showing that they are regular people with families and daily lives, the channel aims to demonstrate that there are genuine individuals striving to make a difference.

Respecting the Viewer’s Time

Another aspect emphasized by Leung is the importance of respecting the viewer’s time. Cryptonauts aims to create engaging content that doesn’t waste its audience’s valuable time. Instead of making longer videos for the sake of it, the channel focuses on delivering concise and impactful content. Leung believes that shorter videos can be just as effective, as long as they provide value and engage the viewers.

This strategy aligns with the understanding that time is a precious resource, and by condensing the content and making it engaging, creators can better satisfy their viewers’ needs and expectations.

Authenticity Over Monetization

Cryptonauts stands out in the crypto content creation space by prioritizing authenticity over monetization. Unlike some creators who engage in paid shilling or promote initial coin offerings (ICOs), Cryptonauts maintains a strict policy of only covering projects that are already listed and launched. This commitment to transparency ensures that viewers can trust the information provided by the channel.

Leung states that the channel’s primary focus is on creating valuable and enjoyable content rather than earning money through sponsored promotions. By telling compelling stories and having fun, Cryptonauts aims to inspire and unite the crypto community.

Building a Strong Crypto Community

Cryptonauts has a long-term vision of uniting the crypto community by going beyond digital content. Leung expresses a desire to organize real-life events and experiences that bring people together. This approach aligns with the channel’s core values of community and engagement, as it aims to create opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to connect and learn from one another.


Growing a crypto YouTube channel requires a combination of strategic tactics and genuine passion. By humanizing the content, respecting the viewer’s time, prioritizing authenticity, and building a strong community, creators can increase their chances of success.

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