Crypto Gaming: The Need for a Viral Moment and Exciting Innovations


The world of Web3 gaming is still finding its place in the mainstream gaming industry. While many Web3 titles focus on better graphics, more rewards, and larger character rosters, they lack the one thing that can truly propel them into the mainstream: inspiration. In order to capture a broader audience, Web3 gaming studios need a “wow” moment that can go viral and make history in the gaming world.

Blockchain Gaming and the EVO Moment

As the fighting game genre experiences a resurgence with recent releases like Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 1, it’s important to remember the moment that introduced fighting games to a worldwide audience: The EVO Moment 37. This iconic moment occurred in 2004 during the golden age of home consoles, when two legendary players competed against each other and one of them, Daigo Umehara, pulled off a move that was considered impossible at the time. This moment, named “EVO Moment 37,” became a catalyst for wider interest and appreciation of fighting games.

Web3 gaming studios need their own version of the EVO moment. They must strive to create inspired moments that have the potential to go viral and generate widespread interest. Without these moments, it will be challenging for Web3 games to capture the attention of the mainstream audience.

The Arrival of Om Nom in the Metaverse

Mobile games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Cut the Rope played a significant role in popularizing smartphones and tablets. These games featured captivating visuals, adorable characters, and intuitive gameplay that made use of touch screen technology. The partnership between ZeptoLab and The Sandbox to bring Om Nom, the iconic green monster from Cut the Rope, to the Web3 metaverse is exciting news for fans of this classic game.

In Om Nom’s Social Hub, players will have the opportunity to explore a virtual world inspired by the Cut the Rope franchise. The event will feature familiar characters from the game, allowing players to discover Om Nom’s origin story. This collaboration between ZeptoLab and The Sandbox aims to create a sense of nostalgia while offering fresh challenges in a new Web3 environment.

Axie Builders Program: Greenlight for Developers

Sky Mavis, the creator of the popular game Axie Infinity, has launched Mavis Hub: Greenlight. This program allows developers to share their early game builds with the community, providing an opportunity for players to playtest and vote for the games they are most excited about. The program follows a similar model to Web2 gaming platforms like Steam Greenlight, which streamlines the development process and incorporates valuable feedback from the community.

Successful games on Mavis Hub: Greenlight may receive additional support such as grants and user acquisition budgets. This program not only promotes competition among developers but also provides a platform for the community to shape the future of Web3 gaming.

Aelf’s Aelevate Program: Incentives for Web2 Studios

Aelf, a Layer-1 blockchain network, has launched the Aelevate program to incentivize Web2 studios to transition to blockchain technology and create games on the Aelf network. Aelf recognizes the potential of the rapidly growing blockchain gaming market and aims to support studios in integrating blockchain technology into their games.

Successful applicants to the Aelevate program will receive grants and access to Aelf’s suite of decentralized applications. The program also offers mentorships, market strategies, and fundraising opportunities to assist studios in navigating the Web3 frontier. With a market projected to reach over $60 billion by 2027, the potential for Web3 gaming is immense.

Hot Take: Nitro Nation: World Tour

Nitro Nation: World Tour by Mythical Games is a free Web3 drag racing game available on mobile devices. The game features intuitive controls, beautiful graphics, and a wide range of licensed cars for players to upgrade and customize. While NFT cars are available in the game, they are not necessary for a fully enjoyable experience. Nitro Nation: World Tour offers a simpler gameplay style compared to other racing games but manages to keep the fun factor high.

More from the Crypto Gaming Space

  • Bandai Namco, known for games like Dark Souls and Tekken, has collaborated with blockchain network Oasys and startup Attructure to develop an AI-enhanced virtual pet game featuring NFT-based digital creatures.
  • Amazon Prime Gaming has partnered with the Web3 auto chess game Mojo Melee to offer exclusive drops to Amazon Prime members.
  • Mahjong Meta, a Web3 Mahjong game, has transitioned from its two-month-long open beta phase to full release.
  • nWay’s mech fighting game Wreck League is collaborating with Yuga Labs to introduce Yuga-themed mech NFTs.
  • The NFT-based open-world social MMO game Dininho has been released on Arbitrum.

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