Cosmos (ATOM) introduces IBC-enabled dApps to Avalanche

Cosmos Hub (ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX), and over 100 IBC-enabled chains will soon enjoy seamless interoperability through the integration of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol into the Avalanche subnet Landslide Network. This development was announced by the Interchain Foundation (ICF), with the Landslide Network’s incentivized testnet set to launch on November 1.

Bringing IBC-compliant dApps to Avalanche

The Landslide team, in collaboration with software development firm Strangelove, has developed an IBC light client on Avalanche. This remarkable innovation allows for cross-chain communication via CosmWasm smart contracts, benefitting both the Cosmos and Avalanche ecosystems. The initiative aims to revolutionize the DeFi ecosystem by enabling IBC-compliant dApps to seamlessly operate on the Avalanche network.

As a result of this exciting development, the price of ATOM surged to $8.15, reaching its highest level since August 15. Simultaneously, AVAX traded at highs of $11.65 as bulls sought to preserve gains made since October 19.

Editor’s Notes

With the integration of the IBC protocol, Cosmos and Avalanche are set to enhance their ecosystems and expand their capabilities for decentralized finance. This partnership marks a significant step toward achieving seamless interoperability between different blockchain networks, creating endless possibilities for developers and users alike. Stay tuned to Uber Crypto News for more updates on the latest advancements in the cryptocurrency space.

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