How CertiK Identifies the Cause of DNS Hijacking in DeFi

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Numerous instances of DNS hijacking attacks have resulted in the theft of millions of digital assets, as cyber adversaries exploit vulnerabilities in the Domain Name System (DNS). These attacks are used for phishing purposes, where users’ wallet seed phrases are targeted or deceptive webpages that closely resemble legitimate sites are created.

DNS Hijacking of DeFi Protocols

DNS hijacking is an attack that targets a crucial component of the internet infrastructure. This attack can render a public DNS service inaccessible in certain scenarios or reroute users to malicious websites. The attacker manipulates the DNS by substituting the mapping of a domain name with a malicious server IP address, intercepting users’ DNS queries and directing them to fraudulent websites without their knowledge.

Several DeFi protocols have been victims of DNS hijacking attacks. CreamFinance, PancakeSwap, and multiple other DeFi projects reported frontend breaches as a result of DNS hijack attacks. These incidents underscore the significant impact of vulnerabilities in Web2 on the Web3 ecosystem.

The Solution to DNS Hijacking

CertiK suggests adopting a combination of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and ENS (Ethereum Name Service) as a solution to mitigate DNS hijacking attacks. Implementing decentralized and DLT-based solutions, such as IPFS and ENS, can minimize the risks associated with centralized control and authority. These systems prioritize content authenticity, reduce points of failure, and enhance overall security.

“The move towards decentralized infrastructure, along with continuous strengthening of both human and technological defenses, has become essential for the future security of Web3 projects and their users.” – CertiK

In conclusion, DNS hijacking attacks pose a significant threat to the security of DeFi projects and their users. By adopting decentralized solutions like IPFS and ENS, the Web3 ecosystem can enhance its resilience against these attacks. It is crucial for Web3 projects to prioritize the security of their users’ digital assets and take proactive measures to protect against DNS hijacking.

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