Casa Wallet Introduces New Feature for Enhanced Privacy in ETH Vault Transactions

The recently launched Ether (ETH) vault on Casa, a cryptocurrency self-custody platform, now offers additional functionality that allows users to carry out transactions privately through a relay service. Casa initially introduced a multi-signature Ethereum self-custody vault in June 2023, enabling users to have control over their ETH holdings using private keys for added asset protection.

However, Casa Relay, the internal communication system connecting the ETH vaults to the Ethereum blockchain, lacked privacy features. To address this limitation, Casa has introduced a new relay service called ETH pay wallet.

Enhancing Communication Between ETH Vaults and the Ethereum Blockchain

Previously, the Casa Relay allowed users to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain from their ETH vaults. Users could deploy contracts and send transactions while handling gas fees through this relay system.

However, this feature had a drawback: anyone using blockchain scanning tools could see the Ethereum addresses linked to Casa. To provide improved privacy, Casa developed the ETH pay wallet as a new relay service.

The ETH pay wallet functions as an alternative single-signature wallet and can operate as a relay for transactions originating from a vault. The gas fees and transactions received through the ETH pay wallet are not connected to Casa on-chain, according to Nick Neuman, the CEO of Casa.

Neuman explained that the development of this feature began before the introduction of the ETH custody vault and allows users to customize their transactions.

However, it is important to note that the ETH pay wallet does not provide the same level of anonymity associated with obfuscation technologies used in the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Using the new relay service does require additional steps compared to the previous Casa Relay, and users must cover gas fees using their own wallets. Nevertheless, the enhanced privacy it offers is worthwhile for customers who wish to avoid linking their on-chain ETH addresses to Casa.

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Why Enhanced Privacy is Important in ETH Vault Transactions

When it comes to conducting transactions using ETH vaults, privacy is a crucial factor for many users. Here’s why enhanced privacy measures are important:

1. Protecting Personal Information

By utilizing the ETH pay wallet relay service, users can prevent their Ethereum addresses from being exposed to anyone using blockchain scanning tools. This protects their personal information and ensures that their transactions remain confidential.

2. Increased Security

Enhanced privacy measures provide an additional layer of security for ETH vault transactions. By using the ETH pay wallet relay, users can enjoy added peace of mind knowing that their transactions are not directly linked to Casa on-chain.

3. Maintaining Anonymity

While the ETH pay wallet does not offer complete anonymity, it provides users with a certain level of privacy. By decoupling transactions from Casa, users can maintain a level of anonymity and avoid having their on-chain ETH addresses associated with the platform.

How to Utilize the ETH Pay Wallet Relay Service

To take advantage of the enhanced privacy offered by the ETH pay wallet relay service, follow these steps:

  • Create an ETH pay wallet: Generate a new single-signature wallet that will act as the relay for your transactions.
  • Connect to your ETH vault: Link your ETH pay wallet to your ETH vault, allowing you to carry out transactions using the relay service.
  • Manage gas fees: Be prepared to cover the gas fees associated with your transactions using your own wallet.
  • Enjoy enhanced privacy: With the ETH pay wallet relay service, you can conduct transactions with increased secrecy and avoid having your on-chain ETH addresses linked to Casa.


With the introduction of the ETH pay wallet relay service, Casa Wallet has greatly enhanced the privacy of transactions conducted through its ETH vault. By utilizing this relay, users can enjoy increased confidentiality and security for their ETH holdings. While it does require additional steps, the enhanced privacy it offers makes it a valuable tool for users who prioritize privacy in their cryptocurrency transactions.

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