Cardano Forms a Bullish Reversal Pattern as the Federal Reserve Signals End of Tightening Cycle

Cardano, one of the leading cryptocurrencies, is showing signs of a bullish reversal pattern as it bounces back from horizontal support. The recent actions of the Federal Reserve might also contribute to Cardano’s strength. With the Fed potentially signaling the end of its tightening cycle, the cryptocurrency market, including Cardano, could experience further gains.

Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Decision and Market Expectations

The upcoming week is crucial for the US dollar, as the Federal Reserve is set to announce its interest rate decision. While the market expects the Fed to keep the funds rate unchanged, the focus will be on the signals that it sends regarding future monetary policies.

In particular, investors are interested in whether the tightening cycle is coming to an end and if the Fed will declare victory over inflation. Although inflation has already decreased, it is expected to drop further, following a similar trend to that seen in Europe.

Impact on Cardano and Other Cryptocurrencies

A dovish stance by the Federal Reserve could weaken the US dollar, potentially benefiting cryptocurrencies like Cardano. Already, the cryptocurrency market has responded positively, with Bitcoin recently rallying to $35k and triggering similar movements in other cryptocurrencies.

Cardano’s Bullish Reversal Pattern

Cardano’s ADA/USD pair has shown resilience by bouncing back from horizontal support and attempting to break through dynamic resistance. This rally indicates a potential end to the bearish market, as signaled by a bullish reversal pattern that has formed.

A crucial level to watch is the $0.35 mark, as a move above this level would likely trigger further strength in Cardano. Conversely, if the price drops below the lows of 2023, it would invalidate the bullish reversal pattern.


With the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision and potential signals of the end of the tightening cycle, Cardano and the broader cryptocurrency market could experience increased strength. Investors and traders will closely monitor the $0.35 level in Cardano’s ADA/USD pair, as it could be a significant turning point for the cryptocurrency’s price action.

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