Caldera Partners with Espresso Systems to Enable Decentralized Sequencing

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Caldera, a rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) platform, has announced a partnership with Espresso Systems, a blockchain infrastructure company. This collaboration aims to enable decentralized sequencing to the OP stack and Caldera chains, while also enhancing scalability and interoperability for Caldera layer 2s.

Caldera’s Focus on Scaling and Decentralization

Sequencers play a critical role in aggregating, ordering, and executing transactions on a rollup network. They are essential for the transaction process, similar to validators in an L1 network ecosystem. However, traditional layer 2 rollups face limitations with centralized sequencers that are vulnerable to risks like unreliability and censorship.

To address these challenges, Caldera has partnered with Espresso Systems to leverage their Espresso Sequencer. This integration offers the benefits of greater decentralization, high throughput, low latency transaction ordering, and interoperability. As a result, developers on Caldera can build more scalable and flexible applications.

Through the collaboration, developers building with Caldera will have the option to deploy performant app-specific rollups that utilize the Espresso Sequencer for ordering and fast confirmations. The Espresso Sequencer will serve as a plug-in component of Caldera’s modular rollup stack, providing developers with customizability and enabling them to build their dream applications without compromises.

The partnership with Espresso Systems follows Caldera’s recent collaboration with Manta Network to target an L2 EVM execution layer for zero-knowledge applications. Additionally, Caldera has integrated SupraOracles, a blockchain oracles service, to incorporate price feeds and VRF into the platform.


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