Boba Guys, Shopify Users Showcase Adoption of Web3 Tools on Solana Breakpoint

The adoption of Web3 tools powered by Solana, a layer-1 blockchain, is gaining traction among prominent mainstream brands and companies, as demonstrated at the recent Solana Breakpoint conference in Amsterdam. This four-day event attracted businesses and projects from various backgrounds, including Web2, Web3, and traditional sectors, with a focus on the adoption of Solana-based tools and services. Notably, these tools are revolutionizing the way payments and loyalty programs are conducted.

Driving Customer Loyalty with Solana

Among the success stories shared at the conference, Boba Guys, a bubble tea brand in the United States, showcased its pilot program for a new customer loyalty app. This program not only delivered valuable customer data insights but also incentivized customers to return to their stores in San Francisco.

During the five-week program, Boba Guys relied on in-store promotions to attract users in the area. The results were impressive, with 31% of orders being attributed to the loyalty program after its implementation. Co-founders Bin Chen and Andrew Chau reported a 67% increase in monthly visits from loyalty program users and a 65% increase in spending.

According to Josh Fried, the head of commerce business development at Solana Foundation, this success story demonstrates the tangible benefits of using Web3, blockchain-based tools for commercial clients looking to grow their businesses and customer base. Fried stated, “For every $1 that Boba Guys invested in the program, they saw $9 in revenue, resulting in a return on investment of 800%. It’s a legitimate business uplift.”

Encouraged by the positive results, Boba Guys plans to roll out the loyalty app across its stores in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, further leveraging the power of Solana-based tools.

Web3-Based Payment Solutions

The integration of Solana Pay into the popular e-commerce platform, Shopify, is another significant development that showcases the growing adoption of Web3-based payment tools in conventional businesses. Merchants using Solana Pay have provided meaningful feedback, indicating the successful adoption of this payment rail.

One example is the MadLab nonfungible token project, which noted a significant uplift in sales from crypto native users who held crypto assets. These users leveraged Solana Pay to purchase merchandise using their USDC holdings on the Solana blockchain.

An entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado, is also utilizing Shopify’s Solana Pay integration to drive sales of bespoke fragrances. The entrepreneur values the ability of Web3 technology to enhance the e-commerce experience by adding new layers to the sale process.

While optimistic about the progress, Fried acknowledges the need for continued effort to drive adoption of Solana Pay and Web3 tools built on Solana. Drawing from his experience at Google working on the development of Google Pay, Fried highlights that even tech giants require time to see widespread adoption of their payment services.

To expedite the adoption of Web3-based payment solutions, Fried emphasizes the importance of major payment processors and rails. Collaborations with industry leaders like Visa, who have plans to conduct interbank settlement on the Solana blockchain, will play a vital role in driving wider acceptance of Web3-based payments.

As the industry continues to evolve, Solana Breakpoint highlighted the tangible benefits and real-world use cases of Web3 tools powered by the Solana blockchain. It is clear that mainstream brands and companies are recognizing the value of these tools in driving customer loyalty, improving business results, and transforming the way payments are conducted.

Editor Notes: Promoting Innovation in the Crypto Space

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