Binance CEO Dismisses Negativity, Ensures Company’s Strong Financial Standing

In the face of recent rumors and market uncertainty, Binance co-founder and CEO, Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, has come forward to address concerns about his company. CZ reassured the public that Binance remains financially stable, with no liquidity issues or concerns regarding employee retention. He cited negative news, rumors, bank runs, lawsuits, the closing of fiat channels, product wind-downs, and employee turnovers as factors contributing to a climate of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

On September 7, CZ took to Twitter to address the community, stating, “When you do the right thing, and there is FUD, you don’t have to do anything. The community defends you.” He acknowledged the abundance of negative news and rumors circulating but emphasized that Binance is operating smoothly. He stated, “Guess what we don’t have? No liquidity issues. All withdrawals (and deposits) are properly handled. All customer funds are #SAFU, and 100% reserved.”

Binance’s Strong Financial Position

Despite concerns raised regarding the turnover of Binance executives, CZ highlighted that employee turnover is a standard occurrence in every company, particularly in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry. He dismissed claims of a high turnover rate, asserting that Binance likely has the lowest founding team turnover of any tech startup in the world.

While acknowledging recent departures, including key executives like Patrick Hillmann, Mayur Kamat, Leon Foong, and Steven Christie, CZ explained that these changes are a natural part of the business landscape. He responded to a tweet in July, stating, “Definitely false, only one this week. They exaggerate everything.”

Binance’s Recent Successes

CZ also highlighted several recent accomplishments in the cryptocurrency industry. Binance has achieved success in launching new fiat channels, introducing innovative products, expanding into new markets, and securing legal victories in court. Notably, the wins against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission by Ripple and Grayscale Investments were viewed as significant achievements for the industry as a whole.

Ensuring Customer Confidence

Binance’s commitment to maintaining customer confidence and trust is evident through their dedication to handling withdrawals and deposits properly. CZ’s reassurances regarding the safety of customer funds further solidify Binance’s position as a reliable and secure platform.


In the midst of recent uncertainties and negative news, Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, has asserted the company’s strong financial standing and commitment to customer satisfaction. While employee turnovers may occur, CZ emphasized that Binance remains dedicated to providing a top-tier trading experience for its users. With numerous achievements in the cryptocurrency industry, Binance continues to be a leading exchange platform.

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