Base Network Launches 8-Week Training Course for Blockchain Developers

The Ethereum layer-2 Base network has recently announced the launch of its Base Bootcamp, an eight-week training course designed to transform traditional software developers into blockchain developers. This program aims to address the lack of knowledge and skills among software developers when it comes to building Web3 applications.

What is Base Bootcamp?

Base Bootcamp is an intensive training program that is specifically tailored for mid to senior level software engineering professionals. It is a highly interactive and collaborative program that aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to become proficient in smart contract development.

The program offers a supportive learning environment with access to experienced engineers and dedicated mentors. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with a group of Coinbase and Base engineers, who will be available during office hours to provide guidance and answer any questions.

Additionally, each student will be paired with a mentor who will provide personalized guidance and support throughout the program. Students will also have access to a private Discord server, where they can engage with their peers and Base engineers.

Application Process and Requirements

In order to enroll in Base Bootcamp, interested individuals must complete an application and go through a selection process. Each cohort will have a limited number of slots available, with less than 20 students being accepted per cohort. The application period for the upcoming cohort closes on October 27th.

While the program is free of charge, students are required to provide a deposit of 1 Ether (ETH) to ensure their commitment to completing the program. The deposit will be returned to the student upon graduation.

Addressing the Demand for Web3 Developers

The demand for skilled Web3 developers is rapidly increasing. Currently, there are fewer than 30,000 onchain developers, compared to nearly 30 million software developers. This is a significant gap that needs to be addressed in order to meet the growing needs of the blockchain industry.

Base Bootcamp aims to bridge this gap by providing traditional software developers with the necessary training and support to transition into the world of blockchain development. By equipping more developers with the skills to build Web3 applications, Base Network hopes to contribute to the growth and innovation of the blockchain ecosystem.

It’s worth mentioning that other initiatives have also been exploring ways to address the shortage of Web3 developers. Some educators in Australia have suggested introducing Web3 development courses in high schools to nurture early interest and skills in this field. Additionally, companies like Circle have developed tools to simplify Web3 development, allowing developers to leverage familiar Web2 methods.


Base Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity for software developers to gain specialized knowledge in smart contract development. Through its eight-week training program, Base Network aims to empower participants to become proficient Web3 developers. By providing individualized mentorship, collaborative learning experiences, and access to industry professionals, Base Bootcamp sets the stage for software developers to explore and excel in the world of blockchain development.

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