Claim Your Free Gaming NFTs from Amazon

Did you know that Amazon is already diving into the world of NFTs? While there are rumors of an upcoming NFT marketplace from the retail giant, Amazon is currently offering free NFTs to its Prime Gaming subscribers. Yes, you heard that right – free NFTs!

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can claim a selection of NFTs to use in various blockchain games. These freebies range from playable characters to special outfits and skins, making them a valuable addition to your gaming experience.

Claim Your Free NFTs

With an estimated 170 million Prime subscribers, there’s a huge opportunity to claim these free NFTs from Amazon. Let’s take a look at some of the gaming NFTs currently available:


Amazon has partnered with Tyranno Studios to bring exclusive benefits to Prime Gaming users in the game Brawlers. Until November 23, subscribers can claim the free character “Mike Yellerbelly” along with deck cards and strategic moves. While the character itself is represented as an NFT on the WAX network, the other items are in-game items that are not tokenized.

Mojo Melee

Prime members can also claim free NFTs and in-game currency for Mojo Melee, an accessible and web-based “auto battler” game. Developed by Mystic Moose, Mojo Melee offers a monthly pack exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers. The latest pack includes a Polygon NFT for the in-game platypus champion “Veren Mostelier” and a pack of in-game currency.

My Pet Hooligan

While My Pet Hooligan is a game that will eventually support NFTs, the current promotion with Amazon is for in-game items that are not tokenized. Subscribers can claim a free Jack-o-Lantern character mask until November 8.

NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals, developed by Mythical Games, is an arcade-style football game that allows players to own, trade, and use NFT-based limited edition player cards. While the Amazon promotion doesn’t offer NFTs, subscribers can claim a booster pack of base player cards to enhance their team.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming is an exclusive offering for Amazon Prime subscribers. In addition to free in-game content and games, Prime Gaming also collaborates with publishers of popular games like League of Legends, Roblox, and Diablo IV to provide additional benefits. This selection of free content is frequently updated, ensuring that you have access to various experiences.

Make sure to regularly check for the latest promotions on Amazon Prime Gaming. Don’t miss out on claiming your free gaming NFTs and enhancing your gaming experience!

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